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Hi I'm Rosalee. I'm the girl that is always smiling and laughing. The one that has a perfect house and family. The one that doesn't have any problems. Yup. One word to describe me is confused. So my blog might be confusing also. Sorry about that.
19. Long Island.
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  • My Feelings?
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    so my therapist told me to do this. She told me to post my feelings on a social network site where a lot of people would see it and i knew they would. I don’t want to put it on twitter, or facebook or instagram, so I would rather put it on here because a lot of you don’t even know who i am. I am not feeling good right now. I literally feel like there is a hole in my heart. I don’t know where to go and I don’t know what to do. I shut every one out because I try to fix things myself. But I am not strong enough to fix this. I can’t, I need someones help. I need a friend. and honestly my therapist is my only one… I feel really lonely sometimes because noone knows what is going on with me. But omg… this pain is literally unbearable. It hurts so much this pain in your chest…. It hurts soo much…. 


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