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Hi I'm Rosalee. I'm the girl that is always smiling and laughing. The one that has a perfect house and family. The one that doesn't have any problems. Yup. One word to describe me is confused. So my blog might be confusing also. Sorry about that.
19. Long Island.
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    I can’t believe i spent 2 and 1/2 years of my life with someone and then it all just vanished. I feel like i have nothing. I feel like i failed. I feel as if everything is my fault… Maybe i need to be skinnier. Maybe i need to be prettier. I honestly don’t know what is going on. I hate this feeling deep inside of me. This feeling of betrayal. I just don’t understand how one day I could be on top of the world with a guy and the next day being so low. I honestly hate relationships.. I hate him. I honestly can’t believe someone would do what you did to me. Why would you do this to me. I gave you everything. Every second, every dollar, every ounce of love that I had in my heart. I just honestly can’t believe this. How can someone be so cruel and do what you did to me. I just don’t get it. You said you wanted to get married. You were going to buy me a ring. You told me and fed me all of these lies. You never wanted anything more from me. You just lied to my face. Am I seriously that ugly… why.. why did you have to do this to me… ughhhh! For anyone who read this thank you and I’m sorry I just really needed to let this out… :( good night everyone… back to crying.


Oh my god
    "8.3 earthquake in Chile!
    Tsunami warnings for much of
    the coast of Central, South,
    and North America.
    Check the news…be safe!"

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    Pray for them

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